AirlineManager Ads Prices

While working on my script Autopilot to enable buying advertisement I started collecting information about the price changes over time, and found out that it is not actually random, but repeats every week. So here is a graph that shows the prices for 1 week and a table that shows the same thing and highlights the cheapest ones.

AM Advertisement Prices

12 AM49890480893208043022470173221340693
01 AM48089190043204348612377683579249415
02 AM2389674353284550324322134543949838
03 AM7831140213447547017338694989039308
04 AM8870254823685340843406934983814928
05 AM214588658398013517747250432327530
06 AM2277520310430223221349890238968870
07 AM736621438461123255550097976319060
08 AM203108083486123579248089743525482
09 AM234479777501054069339308887014038
10 AM1009439347503244543923896164998675
11 AM7531501684922948567118512488322794
12 PM1904543179470174989078312277523447
01 PM4616732218440705016874731101511824
02 PM50109492444084349838887086757472
03 PM4317936829377684808914021203109777
04 PM31976365453517743232214582558229278
05 PM44098496113328934525255851903748103
06 PM43972439724397243972439724397243972
07 PM32043415313896736524344393290932080
08 PM48612389673443932080328453685343022
09 PM37768365243208034475430225010547017
10 PM35792344393284543022503244084332213
11 PM49415329093685350105408433197740693

Note: the table and graph timings are based on the US-Eastern Time (-5) so adjust your times accordingly. Also the listed prices are for the most expensive type of advertisements (Billboards on 20 international airports).