Per Post Language - Wordpress plugin

Do you write posts in different languages?
Would you like your blog theme language to be the same as the language in which you wrote your post or page?

With this plugin you can set the language of your blog per post and also per page, that is if your blog is in English and you wrote a post or a page in Spanish or Arabic you can set the language of your blog to match that post’s or page’s language, so when your visitors open that post or page they will see your blog in that language. You don’t have to translate your theme and plugins if they come with translations and even it will change the direction of the view to RTL (Right-to-Left) if your language is RTL based.

  • The plugin does not provide any translations, it only changes the themes and plugins translation language if they provide there own translations.
  • The available languages are only the languages that WordPress already recognizes and supports.
  • The plugin only works for posts and pages, the front page will show in the blog default language.

Download the plugin from Wordpress site

Here are some screenshots of the plugin settings and results: