Get a Travian Hero without losing a soldier or a knight

This is a small trick that I found while i was playing Travian, the online real-time war game. Travian players know that you can have only one hero for you village, and this hero is just one of your regular soldiers or knights that you choose to have a special training that makes him much stronger. So as I have said you have to taking an existing soldier and convert him to a hero. But what if you can train a hero from nothing and without losing any soldier or knight? This trick was actually discovered by accident while I was moving my army to a neighboring village to save them from an expected attack. Long story short, how does it work? I will tell you what I did exactly and you can confirm if it works for you or not because I have not tried it again since my hero is still alive. So here is how I did it:

  1. I have a Roman tribe.
  2. I trained a “Equites Caesaris” (since i wanted to have the strongest army unit) and it was the only one in my troops.
  3. After the training of the “Equites Caesaris” was finished I went to the hero mansion and started training him to become my hero.
  4. While the hero is being trained usually the selected unit will still be listed with the other units until the training is done in which it will disappear and get listed as a hero.
  5. While I was waiting for my hero to be trained (the hero training has just started) and since I was expecting an attack against my village I sent all my troops as an reinforcement to another village (not mine) including the knight that selected to be trained as a hero.
  6. The hero training was complete and he was listed under my troops, and I was expecting the knight who was selected to disappear, but to my surprise he did not. And after i checked all my troops I found that I have them both

I am not sure if this is a normal behavior or a glitch in the game, try it and give me your feedback.