Airline Manager Secrets and Cheats

NOTE: These cheats do not work anymore

I am going to list here few tricks and cheats that you can use while playing airline manager on facebook. But be careful as some might get you banned from the game. For all of these tricks all you need is Google Chrome browser or Firefox with the Firebug add-on. 1- The BIG Money maker For this cheat to work you need to have cargo planes, so get your pax points up and buy the cargo feature. Once you buy your cargo plane (get one that can carry big load for short distance, it makes more money) start creating its route (again demand is important, distance is not) but stop at the point where you need to sign a contract. As you can see most prices are about $1.0 to $2.5. So pick any of these contracts, lets say the first one, and right click on the “Sign“ button, from the list you will see an item called “Inspect Element” click on that and the browser will open a small box at the bottom of the page showing you some HTML code of that page and the code for the button you right click on is highlighted. See the picture:

Now double click of that highlighted part of the code, and it will allow you to edit. Look for “tcc=x.xxxx” where the x is a the current price of the contract. Simply change that value to whatever your like, the limit that you can set it to is $99,999 per lbs. Don’t set it to high or you will be noticed 8)

Now, click on the same “Sign” button which you modified the code for and you are done. You will be rich in no time ;-) 2- Buying more than 10 aircraft at once (Thanks Luke for this trick) For most aircraft, pax and cargo, the limit that can be bought at once is just 10 (i don’t know why, seems that they like you to click and click more), to get more than that at once, maximum you can get is 99, go to the page for buying the plane you like, like in this picture:

then right click on the drop down box for the “Amount to purchase” and select “Inspect Element”, see the picture:

in the above picture click on the part of code that is highlighted with the second red oval, click on the code to change the number from value=”1“ to value=”99“ or whatever number you like, but 99 is the max, see picture:

You are done, set registration name and click “Buy aircraft”. I am sure you can use the same method to do other tricks and make playing the game easier. But my number one recommendation is to use the Autopilot script ;) that will make you on the top 10 list like me